"What results is a multi-dimensional photobook that is a mash-up of written narratives and visual poetry that attempts to investigate feminist identity in the context of a memory of an ambiguous place." Douglas Stockdale

"Neither is a really smart book that is beautifully produced and thought out ... It's another example of a book re-examining the aftermath of the Second World War, this time from the perspective of the Russian women who moved into the city in 1945 and the women who live there now. And it is these perspectives that appear in the cracks of the image, mirroring the texts past and present." Colin Pantall

"And in between we see beautiful, sullen photographs of the region split from a continuous narrative that runs along the bottom; "He says he came up to me because I was smiling... How could I explain why I was smiling?" There is a push-pull in the photographs and in the words of these women between this place and in looking for something beyond its grasp." Larissa Leclair list of 2014 for Voices of Photography Magazine 

"In design and content, image and word, Neither demands an active engagement. It defies an easy summary of post-World War II cultural remnants and ramifications and powerfully engages the neither/nor concept in its exploration of personal and nationalistic identity." Karen Jenkins, Photo-eye

"What the title of the work points to is this sense of exclusion, of being, as it were, neither one nor the other, and Nolan is able to describe this intangible state in her sensitive portraits especially. Her subjects appear at once as individuals with particular lives and stories of their own, but also exemplars of the historical situation in which they find themselves." Darren Campion, The Incoherent Light Journal

"One of the key issues in photobooks - get rid of the text so the images work  perfectly - separated, surrounding, cut-off citations to flip through with our without the images - a wonderful and perfect collaboration between the artist and the designer to make the most out of the story and beautiful photos!" Josef Chaldek

"Told from the female perspective, Neither is unique in that it isn’t about the past or the future, nor about the present, but it is a closely woven tale somewhere between fact and fiction, documentation and dream."  Jensine-Bethna Wall, Irish News Reviews



Neither looks at the dreams and fears of young women in Kaliningrad - a tiny and isolated Russian region on the Baltic Sea - through both image and text. The women I met and be-friended generously opened up their homes and their minds to me, guiding me through the stories of their region, helping me better understand the links between place, identity and history.

This self-published photobook interweaves my images with the words – both historical and contemporary – of these women. Neither seeks not to answer questions, but rather to give voice to the experiences of the women of Kaliningrad. 

  • Title: Neither

  • Artist: Kate Nolan

  • Design: SYB

  • Year: 2014

  • Edition: 250

  • Size: 24x32cm


  • Indie Photobook Library, Washington DC, USA.

  • Reminders Stronghold, Tokyo, Japan.

  • Public Library of Chateau d'Eau, Paris, France.

  • Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris, France.

  • Encontros da Imagem, Braga, Portugal.

  • The Library Project, Dublin, Ireland.

  • National Visual Arts Library, Dublin, Ireland.

  • Les Rencontres d'Arles, France.

  • Franklin Furnace, Pratt Institute, New York, USA.

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